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Mar 09, 2018
Leave the Silver City - Farewell Seattle Artwalk

Its the time of year for new beginnings to sprout, and this season brings a sea change for me as well. After 13 years of calling Seattle home, I’m setting out into the unknown for fresh inspiration and new adventures! But before I go, I would love to celebrate with my art family - if you are local, please join us this Saturday for a glittery send-off during Equinox artwalk!

Equinox Studios
Kari-Lise Alexander & Kindra Nikole's Space
Blue building studio #210
6-9 PM, Wine - Treats - ALL THE GLITTER

Equinox 2

New and old works will be available, as well as selected watercolor studies, prints, moths, and all sorts of other goodies! There are 4 new landscape studies in this group (including the 2 pictured above).

 In 2004, I came to Seattle as a bright-eyed little artist-pupae, brimming with excitement to find out who/what I might become here. In so many ways, this city and its incredible community shaped me into the person I am now. From the brilliant exploration at Cornish College of the Arts, to the experimental madhouse of 619 Western Artist Building, and the creative incubator at Bellevue Fine Art, each experience here and all the magical friends I’ve made along the way have transformed me as an artist and a human!

This city gave me a voice and focused my vision, it taught me about camaraderie and community, love and innovation, showed me beauty, and sometimes broke my heart. I’m richer for each of the memories I’ll carry with me from this place.

If you need a travel adventure sketchbook, I have these lovely little journals out now! They're perfect for drawing or writing on the go ❤︎

I’m not one to remain static, so to keep growing its time now to set out on a new adventure! In April I’m setting up a studio base-camp in Portland, and in May I will embark on my first international artist residency in Finland! It will be so exciting to share the new ideas these expeditions will bring, but I’ll also miss “home” and all of you greatly!